I’ve been collecting this type of stoneware pottery for nearly 30 years, after my mother in law gave me a cheese dome and butter dish. I now have an extensive collection– some in perfect condition – some a bit battered and very few of these with a maker’s mark.  It is very similar to the famous Imari patterned pottery that you can find; this, however, is stoneware-based with the inside of most items brown instead of white. A couple of tea pots have a white base - why just them?


My late mother in law referred to this as ‘poor man’s Crown Derby’ implying that her mother could pick this up in Woolworth’s...  I’m not sure that this was true: I am just repeating what she said to me all those years ago.

Found out another pottery connected with the manufacture of this the other day - Lingard Webster: they made poor man's Crown Derby pottery too. So that makes 3 names so far: Wade, T. Dean  and Lingard Webster. The plot thickens! It seems that no-one can agree on what it really is: although I am pretty certain that it is not Welsh Gaudy..unless you know something I don't!


I decided to put all my items on a web site for two reasons: one is to find out its origins (‘Victorian’ seems to be a popular theory) and, two is to enhance my collection by buying/ selling or swapping some of my pieces. Well, it was either this, or move house!

I will add new items as they arrive, especially if they are not ones I have already.


If there is anyone out there who can tell me about this pottery, or you’re a collector like me, I would be pleased to hear from you. Just click the email link on the left.




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